Terms and Conditions

I.                    By agreeing you are stating that:


1.       You have authorization to use the PayPal account and/or the debit/credit card.


2.       You are giving us accurate information.


3.       You will not chargeback, dispute, and/or reverse any payments.


4.       You are at least 18 years old or have permission from a legal guardian.



II.                  By agreeing you are stating that you are aware of, and have nothing against the following:


1.       We have the right to revoke your access to any of our services without any prior notice.


2.       You are making a voluntary contribution, and you are aware that you will recieve nothing in return.


3.       All contributions are final and refunds are never given.


Once you make any form of "purchase" from our store you are automatically bound to these Terms & Conditions and any violation thereof gives us the right to take any available legal remedy and deny you access from any of our services.